iPhone XR Shipping Time Slips To Next Month In Many Countries Including The US

The Apple online store in countries like USA and China, the delivery time of the iPhone XR has been postponed, which means that the first supply has been sold out. iPhone XR shipping time for all colors and capacities is displayed from November 5th to November 12th, in other words, if you placed orders today, they won't arrive until the early of next month.

In China, however, is better than the US, with the iPhone XR shipping time is displayed from October 31st to November 7th. The iPhone XR opened pre-order on Friday and the supply is sufficient for a while. Not just China, the UK, Japan, Germany, and many more countries are also no longer available for launch day delivery, which is in this Friday.

While that might be a good sign of being extremely popular, other medias' reviews on the smartphone were also pretty positive, some says it's the best LCD display to date, some says the camera is decent compares to iPhone XS's dual-lens setup, battery life is amazing as well.

The iPhone XR come in black, white, blue, yellow, coral and red colors and offer 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB tiers. You can get the budget iPhone for just $749, though in many ways are similar to the XS, it's definitely worth to buy!

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