Another Gate? Users Report That iPhone XS Earpiece Speaker Will Stops Working Sometimes

It's the time of the year that when Apple launched new iPhones, there is always bugs popup, this year is no exception.  For example, the connection signal gate, beautygate, chargegate, and other issues, now a new gate has surfaced, we call it "speakergate".

As the name implies, it is a bug related to the speakers: an unknown number of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users report that the speakers on their devices are not working properly. Users from Reddit, as well as from TwitterApple Support Communities says that Earpiece speakers of their iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will stop working while playing music.

Users are very pleasing that the iPhone XS use the Earpiece speaker and the bottom speaker to create a stereo effect. However, after a few days using the iPhone XS Max, the Earpiece speaker stops working. Restarting the device seems to solve this problem, but it won't take long for the problem to repeat itself.

Oddly enough, when you call someone the issue doesn't exist, that is, although it needs to wait for a while, the problem can be fixed by software update. We contacted Apple to ask the company's view on the matter. However, there has not been a response from Apple.

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