'PowerMac G5' Made Into A Stylish Bench Sell For A Whopping $2,555

The PowerMac G5, the original Mac Pro, is one of the most beautiful machines made in Apple's history. Though the Mac Pro still in use is no where to see, British designers have new ideas, they connected the two Mac Pro with black walnuts and made into a stylish bench, even better, designers has decided to produce benches on demand.
Each bench is made to order, the lead time is currently 6 weeks. This is to ensure we can source G5 cases in the best possible condition. Please note, the G5 Mac Pro 1st Generation was last produced in 2012, we endeavour to find immaculate models, however there may be small signs of wear present.
It's worth to note that the it requires 6 weeks of work to make it that includes two PowerMac chassis or older Mac Pro as they promises to find the cleanest enclosures possible. The stylish bench weighs more than 58 kg, that's almost 128 pounds for a bench.

Of course, for a bench like that, it will be pretty expensive to purchase one, the bench will be sold for a whopping £1,995, or approximately 2,555 in US dollars, and that doesn't include the shipping and import taxes. Could you spend a big amount for just a bench?

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