Safari Technology Preview 68 Brings Dark Mode To Websites That Supports The Theme

The macOS Mojave brings a long-awaited Dark Mode to Mac users, and Apple has been encouraging third-party app developers to actively adopting the feature. However, most websites does not currently recognize whether the user terminal has switched to Dark Mode. Nonetheless, the situation will soon be changed.

Apple's latest Safari Technology Preview 68 update that's not for regular users, but rather preview new technologies brings support for "prefer-color-scheme" CSS media queries. This way, when the user switches to dark mode under the Mojave system, the updated websites can automatically use their dark theme to correspond it.

It's good news that it makes web pages look less dazzling in dark mode, but the question now is when this feature will really become popular, after all, there are more websites than third-party apps, still it's better than nothing. Under the impetus of Apple, there will always be websites to follow up and will be adding the feature soon.

Although it's designed for developers to test new features, it doesn't require a developer account, both macOS High Sierra and macOS Mojave can download it through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store to whom has downloaded the browser.

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