Samsung Seeks $1.6 Million Damage From Its Russia Ambassador For Using iPhone X

Samsung has filed a lawsuit against its Russian brand ambassador for allegedly being caught in public using an iPhone X instead of Samsung smartphones, which she was not allowed to be seen using competing products in the public, a rule that set by the agreements, according to a report by The Mirror.

Ksenia Sobchak, Samsung’s Russia ambassador, who promoting their smartphones in the country, accuse of used an iPhone X during a television interview, even though she tried to hide it, shortly after the audience noticed, it has widespread discussion on social media. This resulting Samsung suing Sobchak $1.6 million for broken the rules.

Ms Sobchak has reportedly been seen on television, and at some of the hottest social events in the capital city of Moscow, using her iPhone. Her representatives have yet to comment on the story.

At present, both Samsung and Sobchak haven’t comment on the matter. It’s also unclear how much did the South Korean company paid to the granddaughter of Russia President Putin, but AppleInsider believes that Samsung is seeking more money than she was paid to endorse the brand.

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