LG To Supply 400,000 OLED Panels For Apple's New iPhones This Year

In September of the year, the E6 production line of LG plant was approved by Apple, the company hopes that LG can mass-produce OLED screens. Yet, LG's mass production ramp rate doesn't seems to meet Apple's demand, according to South Korea's ETNews.

After months of testing, deliberation, and failed mass production commitments, LG has finally begun mass production of OLED screens for Apple's new iPhone. LG has finally become the second OLED panel supplier for new iPhones after Samsung, breaking Samsung monopoly situation. However, LG could only produce no more than 400,000 OLED screens this year.

South Korean analysts said that Apple should offer LG's OLED screen with a price of $90, relatively speaking, the cost of Samsung screen is about $100, so analysts believe that only then LG can be included in the Apple's supply chain list as soon as possible. LG is expected to shipping these OLED screen likely next month.

It is unclear what size the panels supplied by LG Display will be, either is 5.8-inch or 6.5-inch sizes. Though the South Korea headquartered company already produced OLED screens for Apple Watches, most of the orders from Apple gets taken by Samsung, one of its biggest rival.

Image Via TechSpot

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