Apple To Allow Users To Gift In-App Purchases To Others

Apple has made a small adjustment to its App Store Guidelines today that developers will be able to set the in-app purchase content as a gift, meaning iOS users could gift subscriptions to their friends and family, for example, you purchased a Spotify Premium subscription, you can give it as a gift. The move is likely another sign that Apple is going big on its Service Business.

Before the adjustment: "Apps should not directly or indirectly enable gifting of in-app purchase content, features, or consumable items to others.". The revised version is: Apps may enable gifting of items that are eligible for in-app purchase to others. Such gifts may only be refunded to the original purchaser and may not be exchanged."

It's not clear how Apple will handle the in-app purchases, and it's possible to add gift-giving options to the interface. I believe that developers will receive further details on Apple in the near future. As more and more apps become Free Download + In-App Purchases or Subscriptions model, Apple's change is very responsive.

Now if users want to gift a paid app, they need to click the "..." button in the upper right corner of a paid app page in the App Store app and then select the "Gift App..." option, then fill in the other user's Apple ID.

Image Via Apple Support
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