Apple Caught Posting Tweets Via An Android Device

So far, we've seen a number of Android smartphone makers or their brand ambassadors promoting their own products using the iPhone, such as Samsung and Huawei. However, Tech YouTuber MKBHD found out that Apple Music's official Twitter account once used an Android device to post a tweet, "never thought I'd see the day," says the YouTuber in a rather surprised tone.

Although Apple Music is not only available for iOS devices, it can also be downloaded and installed on Android devices, is still quite awkward to publish a message using competitors’ devices. It could be the case that Apple might have testing Apple Music on Android and forgot to switch over to iPhone when tweeting.

The YouTuber seems to be very keen on such incidents lately, that even the tweets sent by Apple Music's Twitter account in November were dug up. Marques Brownlee just discovered last week that Samsung India used the Twitter for iPhone app to promote the Galaxy A9, and noticed that Samsung's Nigerian Twitter account highlighted the Galaxy Note 9's Super AMOLED display via an iPhone.

In October of this year, Samsung's Russian ambassadors Ksenia Sobchak was sued by Samsung for using the iPhone X in public instead of the Samsung phone she should have promoted. In 2016, US President Donald Trump also used the iPhone to push for a boycott of Apple.
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