Rival Apple's A12? Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon 855 Chip And Announces All Android Phones To Support 5G

Qualcomm held the third Snapdragon Technology Summit in Hawaii, on the first day, the chipmaker announced the new Snapdragon 855 Chip. This chip is not only the standard chip for the next generation of Android flagship smartphones, but also the world's first commercial platform to support 5G, though Qualcomm didn't reveal any speed improvements, it did beat Samsung's Exynos 9820.

Here are the new technologies that included in this chip:
  • 3D Sonic Sensor: an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor with fast and accurate unlocking experience
  • Snapdragon 855 is first commercial platform to support multi-gigabit 5G. Samsung says it will have a 5G ready phone in 2019, which likely to be the Samsung Galaxy S10.
  • Includes Qualcomm's 4th-gen multi-core AI engine, deliver up to 3x performance boost in AI performance over the Snapdragon 845.
  • World's first to have computational photography and video capture capabilities.
  • New Snapdragon Elite Gaming will bring new gaming experiences to high-end smartphones.
  • Uses 7nm process, caught up A12, but unclear how much it improved, although Antutu scores shows that 855 rivals Samsung's Exynos 9820.
Since Snapdragon 855 includes support for 5G, Qualcomm's Cristiano Amon said that by the end of next year, every Android phone manufacturer will launch a flagship phone supporting 5G. Apple, on the other hand, unlikely to release a 5G iPhone until 2020, as the company still battling with Qualcomm on the patent issues that started nearly 2 years ago. (Via CNET)

Image Via Tom's Hardware
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