WSJ: Apple Is Shifting Its Focus Towards Service Business With Role Changes

In a new report published today, The Wall Street Journal outlined Apple's recent executive and personnel changes, including concerns about Apple's upcoming video service, Siri's new leadership, and the impact of these changes on the company's projects.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Bill Sasior, who used to be in charge of Siri, has left his role, and the Wall Street Journal report confirmed the news, so instead, Apple's AI director John Giannandrea is working to improve "Siri's accuracy and performance." As for Deirdre O'Brien, who was recently promoted to be the head of Retail and People, will be working on promoting the Services in Apple stores.

Furthermore, WSJ pointed out that the iPhone maker has promised to Hollywood partners to install TVs in the Apple Store to showcase a series of upcoming shows. However, most Apple Stores right now already has a TV and video wall, so it's not clear what it means.

Ultimately, as Apple shifting its focus to Services, the company is also relocating many of its engineers. Based on reports that Apple had cut 200 people from its autonomous car program, the Wall Street Journal said that most of Apple's engineering resources have been transferred to the Services sector. And those changes led them to put several projects on hold so new executives can reassess priorities.

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