Apple To Launch Its Video Service In April, Says CNBC (U)

Following yesterday's report that Apple to launch a news and magazine subscription service, it appears that the company is also looking into the video streaming business. According to CNBC, Apple will be launching its rumored streaming video service in April or May, although some video partners won't be participating in it, such as Netflix and perhaps even HBO.

CNBC stated in the piece that the service will include free original content for device owners, and that customers will also be able to sign up for existing digital services like Showtime and watch the content in the TV app as long as they work with Apple, similar to how Amazon Prime Video Channels works.
Apple is aiming to launch service in April or early May. It will allow customers to sign up for existing digital streaming products and watch them in the iOS TV application, similar to Amazon's Prime Video Channels. Apple wants to simplify mobile video viewing by housing content in one app instead of forcing users to launch separate apps for each service.
Further, CNBC claims that Apple is requesting for a 30 percent cut on every customer that subscribes to an over-the-top video service through its streaming service, while it only takes a 15 percent cut on revenue from customers that sign up to HBO Now, Netflix, and other streaming apps currently. Enough is said, Apple is said to offer its original content free to device owners, including more than two dozens of tv shows and movies.

Updated: Bloomberg, however, claims that Apple could launch the video streaming service as early as March 25, alongside Apple News Magazine service. The company reportedly invited Hollywood stars, including Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, and director JJ Abrams, to attend.

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