One Year After Its Launch, Apple's HomePod Still Lags Behind Its Rivals

Apple's premium smart speaker HomePod has been available for purchase for one year, so how did it do in sales wise. Well, according to the latest research by CIRP, the HomePod only captures about 6% of share in the US smart speaker market, far behind its competitors Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Since CIRP estimates the installed base of smart speakers reached 66 million units during the last quarter, which implies that HomePod sales in the US have totaled around 4 million units. In contrast, Google Home accounts for 24% of the market share, or about 16 million units, while Amazon holds 70% of the market share or about 46 million units.

It's pretty much obvious that HomePod unable to gain more users, consider its sky-high $300 price tag, on the other hand, both Google and Amazon include low-cost smart speakers, the Home Mini, and Echo, for example, both are priced for only $50, that's 6 times cheaper than Apple's HomePod. The fact that Google Assistant and Alexa are way intelligence than Siri also plays a big role in the matter.

After all, Apple has been rumored multiple time to launch a cheaper version of HomePod in the future, and keep in the mind that this report is based in the US, as HomePod also launched in other markets as well, whereas its rivals only sell their products in the country.
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