Macotakara: 2019 iPhones To Stick To Lightning Connector, iPad Mini 5 With No Design Change This Spring

According to the Japanese website Macotakara, the iPhone 11 released in 2019 will not only continue to use the Lightning connector but will continue to offer a 5W power adapter and a USB-A to Lightning cable. If the user wants to use a fast charge, they must purchase an additional power adapter. While the site also predicts that iPad mini 5 with no design change likely to be released this spring.

Macotakara said that 2019 iPhones will stick to the Lightning port for cost considerations, as Apple will spend extra on an accessory so that Apple can make a huge profit from it. Because of this, this year's iPhones will be continued to bundle EarPods, Lightning to USB-A, and 5W power adapters.

The report also claims that the new iPad mini is still aimed at the low-end market and continues to retain the Lightning connector, Touch ID and 3.5 mm headphone jack. There is no change in the bezels and overall size. However, the rear microphone will shift to the middle. As for processors, the report stated that the device will be updated to the A10 chip, it is not clear whether it is the A10X or just the A10.

The current iPad mini 4 was released in 2015, nearly four years ago. The model that is still being sold at $399 for the 128 GB version, with an A8 processor.
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