Study Shows iPhone Users Still Have High Intention To Upgrade

A new survey conducted by investment firm Baird shows that the iPhone users' intention to upgrade is still higher than in the past few years in the context of a slowdown in overall smartphone sales. As Barron's Weekly pointed out, Baird analyst William Power reiterated his optimism about Apple because of the company's service business and iPhone upgrade intentions.

Of the 1,500 US shoppers, 15% said they plan to buy a new smartphone in the next two months, 67% of which said they that the iPhone will be the one to purchase. In addition, most respondents indicated that they have been using the iPhone for more than two years, which suggests that the upgrade market has not yet been developed, and the potential demand for iPhone is still pretty high.

Services wise, Baird's survey also asked consumers about their interest in Apple's streaming services. 18% of respondents voted that they are “some interest” to subscribe to such services. The analyst also mentioned the growing interest in Apple Watch and the entire Apple ecosystem, and that iPhone user owns an average of 2.6 Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

In general, Baird says that the intentions to purchase smartphones is slowing, but the bright side is that the iPhone still owns a large market share. Plus the increasing demand in Apple Watch, AirPods, and Apple Music, underscores the ecosystem opportunity.

Image Via Apple
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