Apple Now Offers Battery Service To iPhones With Third-Party Batteries

According to French publication iGeneration report, Apple Stores' Genius Bar and Apple Authorized Service (AASP) providers can now provide battery repair services for iPhones that have been replaced with third-party batteries, prior to that, they can't provide any type of service to an iPhone with a third-party battery, regardless of the situation.

However, according to Apple's internal document, if the iPhone repair is not related to the battery, Genius Bar and AASP will ignore third-party battery, but will still repair parts like screen, motherboard, microphone, etc., and charge normal fees. And if you do have the issue with the battery, employees are now instructed to replace the battery with the official one for the standard fee.

It should noted, though, the eligibility of repair iPhones with third -party batteries doesn't mean Apple will offer service for iPhones with third-party logic boards, enclosures, microphones, Lightning connectors, headphone jacks, side buttons,, camera modules, and so on. This change went into effect last Thursday and should apply on a worldwide case.

This may also bring potential safe concerns, as it may inflate or short circuit and grid the motherboard, which could cause accidents, another concerns is that it will unable to determine whose fault will it be.

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