Apple Rumored To Release AirPods 2 On March 29th

According to the Applesfera website, AirPods 2 will be available for sale on March 29, according to a source that's familiar with the plan. Once the AirPods 2 is launched, Apple will discontiune the first generation of AirPods, but we take this report with grant of salt since the site don't have a track record.

Reports have suggested that the upcoming AirPods will receive somewhat major upgrades, it's expected to include wireless charging support and upgraded Bluetooth connectivity. Aside from that. it's believed the update will also bring black color to the AirPods for the first time, and claims the new earbuds could implement "health monitoring" features and a special matte coating for a better grip experience.

We have also heard rumors that Apple will release the AirPower wireless charging mat, AirPods 2 and the new iPads at the end of March. Meanwhile, other reports claiming that Apple to hold a special event at the Jobs Theater on March 25th to launch streaming video and news subscription services. So it's not clear whether which of those are real or fake news, guess we have to wait and see.

Image Via EverythingApplePro

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