Apple Hires Former Tesla Engineering Boss Michael Schwekutsch For "Apple Car"

It may appear like Apple's secretive automotive project, Project Titan, is all about making self-driving software, however, a report came from Electrek shows that such case isn't true, as separate sources told them that Tesla's head of Engineering, Michael Schwekutsch, joined Apple's Special Project Group that includes the Cupertino firm's Project Titan division.
Now Electrek learns from separate sources that he (Michael Schwekutsch) joined Apple’s Special Project Group, which includes the Cupertino company’s Project Titan division.
Apple has been long-rumored developing its own automotive vehicles, though some questioned that the company wasn't actually making vehicles, but rather autonomous software. Nevertheless, today's report clearly describes that Apple is indeed proposing on self-driving vehicles, and perhaps bring the electric vehicle to the market.

Aside from hiring Schwekutsch, Apple also recruited Doug Field, who was Tesla's long-term engineering director and joined the company last year to lead their car project with supposedly retired Bob Mansfield, form Apple Hardware chief. Electrek confirmed that Schwekutsch joined Apple after Tesla had some layoffs within the team last month.

Image Via MacRumors

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