Apple's A13 Chips Likely To Use A New 7nm Process Technology Called "N7 Pro"

The upcoming flagship smartphones will be ready for the trend of adopting 7nm EUV (Extreme UV Lithography) process chips in 2019, as the latest report from the Commercial Times (Via DigiTimes) says that chipmaker TSMC will prepare to enter 7nm EUV production this quarter.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is set to move 7nm EUV process technology to volume production in the second quarter of 2019, according to a recent Chinese-language Commercial Times report.
In October last year, TSMC released a piece of influential news that it has successfully implemented the 7nm EUV process, and will test the EUV process in 2019. The 7nm process that has been mass-produced is the first generation technology that they still use today is DUV technology, which makes the EUV as the second generation 7nm technology.

The report also said that Apple's A13 chip will be using the "enhanced version’ of the process named ‘N7 Pro. It's expected that this chip with the latest 7nm process EUV process will be built into the new iPhone this fall. In addition, as reported earlier this month, TSMC's 5nm process is already in the initial stage of risk production and plans to invest $25 billion in mass production by 2020.

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