Apple Spent Half Billion Dollars For The Development Of "Apple Arcade"

Although the "Apple Arcade" service has not yet officially launched, which will be available this fall, it has already cost Apple hundreds of millions of dollars, precisely, $500 million, for game development. However, HSBC expects that the 'Arcade' service will bring $370 million in revenue to Apple by 2020, and will reach $2.7 billion by 2022 and $4.5 billion by 2024, Financial Times reports.

These games are said to be pricey, though, as it's Apple exclusive and redesigned. While the Arcade will be launched on iOS and macOS platforms, as well as game consoles, it's not for Android devices. And users will only need to pay once to subscribe to all games that are all done by independent studios, including Cartoon Networks, Konami, Sega, Disney, etc.

There will be more than 100 new exclusive games playable on Apple Arcade, you can experience these games online or offline via Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, Mac. Apple Arcade will have a dedicated tab on the App Store. It contains all features, content, and updates included at no extra charge, even better, it is ad-free and no in-app purchases required.

Game subscriptions may progress to build upon the success of music subscription (Apple Music), profiting Apple's ongoing service model, it could become another high-revenue service business outside the iPhone. Nonetheless, Apple has yet to announce to price info, most analysts expect this service to cost around $9.99.

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