Apple’s New Patent: Future Mac To Support Face ID; Touch Bar On A Standalone Keyboard

It’s almost certain that the Mac will support Face ID, just a matter of time, with the fact that Face ID has been extended from the iPhone to the iPad. Today, a patent applied by Apple shows that in addition to the Mac support for Face ID, Apple is considering add Touch Bar, which was introduced alongside the 2016 MacBook Pro, to a standalone keyboard,

Face ID first appeared on the iPhone X in 2018, but as early as that year, Apple's patent application already described the Mac support Face ID for auto wake. In today's patent, however, Apple mentioned that it is possible to use Face ID for retinal scan instead of 3D map of the face, which is often used in some high-end security systems. This means that Apple may consider switching things up for the Face ID technology in the future and use the eye as a method to identify the user.

Since the iPhone X was released, some twins have successfully fooled the face ID, and some teams have used 3D masks to brute forces the Face ID, so perhaps used the retinal scanning could enhance the security aspect of Face ID, because no two people have the same retinal pattern, make it highly reliable.

The patent also mentions adding a Touch bar to a separate keyboard, such as Magic Keyboard. It should be noted that these are only patent applications, and it is still uncertain whether they will eventually available to the market. If the Touch Bar do come to the keyboard, the battery life could cause a headache to consumers.

Image Via Yanko Design

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