Editorial: 4 Years of Apple Watch

Photo: Consumer Reports 
Yesterday was April 24th, and it’s the 4th anniversary since the Apple Watch was first released. We, the iPhone users, now have this little useful piece of aluminum or stainless steel on our wrists. It has helped us with many things, from maintaining our health to keeping on track when we can’t reach our iPhones.

Firstly, the Apple Watch has been reimagining the lives of many iPhone users. Series 4 has led to significant improvements in heart health and top-notched its previous generations in the past 3 years. Lots of Apple Watch wearers, around the world, were impressed by their Watches saving them from dangers in life and making their heart problems easier for doctors to diagnose.

Secondly, Apple Watches and our iPhones reward us for working out every day, and our Move, Exercise, and Stand rings motivate us to be healthy and active. Since watchOS 3, Apple has been hosting many activity challenges for special occasions, which is New Year’s, Valentine’s Day Heart Month, International Women’s Day, Earth Day, and more. Once we accomplish something, we get rewarded with iMessage stickers. On the other hand, they are animated stickers, that other iPhone users without an Apple Watch can’t get for their iPhone.

Lastly, our Apple Watches helped us with emergencies since iOS 10 and watchOS 3 has been released. There’s been news that many people used Siri or Emergency SOS on their Apple Watches to call emergency services. In addition, watchOS 5 on the Series 4 introduced fall detection, which is a life-saving feature for Apple Watch wearers. This feature automatically calls emergency services and alerts them that you fell or passed out.

In conclusion, the Apple Watch is one of the central things an iPhone user should have. They can do way more things and features than our iPhones. Apple Watch has many customization options like the iPhone, and they’re perfect for every iPhone user.

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