iPad With USB-C Mouse Support Rumored For iOS 13

A new report from MacStories' Federico Viticci suggested that the iPad Pro may support USB-C mouse in the future as part of the Accessibility feature, which could be a legitimate productivity tool for users. Of course, Federico Viticci said that this rumor surfaced a few months ago and uncertain whether it will actually be available to users within iOS 13.

However, developer Steve Troughton-Smith noted that the ability to support USB-C mouse is indeed in the works. It's believed that iPad Pro support for USB mouse does not require any adapter, just need the mouse to be USB-C connector so you can plug directly into iPad Pro's USB-C port. Steve also suggested that iOS could have "a small circle or dot" for a cursor rather than a traditional pointer.

While investigating this possibility, it was noted that when used with the correct accessibility hardware, the cursor can be used in iOS and has been around for many years, as it has long been possible Apple's accessibility feature AssistiveTouch that can be used to control iOS devices with third-party accessories.

The remain question is that when will Apple add this feature to the iPad? Well, most think it will be introduced as early as iOS 13, which will be unveiled at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in June, with a public release expected in mid-September.

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