Procreate 4.3 Update Rolls Out, Featuring Text Customizations and Layer Exports

Image: Shutterstock
Today, the developers of Procreate released version 4.3, which adds text manipulation to the app. The text manipulation enables creators to add drawings around the letters in their projects. Here’s what we know.

To begin with, iPad creators can add editable lettering or typography to their projects. There are precision sliders that enable you to fine-tune the spacing, alignment, and rasterize the finish of the typography. You can also drag and drop your own fonts downloaded from the Internet to Procreate.

Next, the exporting features have been expanded. You can export a PNG, PDF, or a GIF for a new layer or to share layers as folders. This is much easier for iPad creators to add layers and save them.

Finally, pressure smoothing in Procreate is better than ever. You can make the strokes enhanced and blend the layers. The layer blend modes include the Darker/Lighter Color, Vivid Light, Linear Light, Pin Light, Hard Mix and Divide.

Overall, you can download Procreate 4.3 for your iPad at $9.99, in the App Store. You can also download the update for free if you have the app.

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