Samsung Apologizes For Angered Samsung Galaxy Fold Reviewers

Photo courtesy of Trusted Reviews 
Earlier this week, reviewers got a first hands-on with the Galaxy Fold. They get their first glimpse into the new dimension of the folding phone. But after they used the device for a few days, the Galaxy Fold screens has been undergone damage.

To start it off, all of these users said that the issue spread out for an unknown reason. Dieter Bohn from The Verge said that his Galaxy Fold got a lump on the screen, then it created a weird line on his screen surrounding the lump. The lump was formed by a piece of debris going under the screen and then pressing it against the screen by pressure, enough to cause damage to the screen. Bohn didn’t even drop the Galaxy Fold, and he only used it normally for 2 days.

Not just Dieter Bohn is the only person to experience problems with his Galaxy Fold, but other people are in the same boat as well. Steve Kovach of CNBC experienced one of the screens on his foldable flickering, similar to Touch Disease on the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus. This issue only happened when he barely used it for a day.

On the contrary, Mark Gurman, a reporter from Bloomberg, had the same display failure issue with Kovach. He said that there’s a specialized shielding film for the Galaxy device, in which Samsung clearly said that you aren’t supposed to take the film off. That’s why the dust entered the device’s actual screen because the film is the only layer of protection that the Galaxy Fold screen wouldn’t cause this.

The screen issues of the new, Samsung Galaxy Fold has been disappointing the reviewers throughout the week. The Verge recently said that Samsung released an open statement yesterday that they’ll inspect the reviewers’ devices for the screen issues. They also mentioned that the protective film is part of the display structure, and making it resistant to scratches. Therefore the company has apologized for making the notice about the “protective film” unclear and they’ll be making it more specific when they ship the revised product to the consumers.

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