4 Amazon Employees in Delaware Seized for Stealing Apple Watches and iPads

Photo vía Cult of Mac
In Middletown, Delaware, an Amazon fulfillment center has 4 employees seized on the theft of $100,000 worth of Apple Watches, including some Apple accessories, iPads, and AirPods. The Middletown Police Department has been notified about this incident and confiscated the stolen devices and watches, then took a picture of the items.

First of all, the 4 employees involved in this case were Tanesha Pinkett, Tyaisha Butler, Issac Francis and Shadaria Bell. 3 of the suspects were on theft charges and second-degree conspiracy, while Bell has been fled off from the charges.  These Amazon employees are circumspect on stealing these Apple Watch bands, Apple Watches, iPads, Lightning and Watch charging cables, AirPods and iPad cases.

Next, these devices and accessories they’ve stolen are known to be the highest attraction for criminals and thieves. Apple products attain an expensive price and a significant value. These factors go towards the reason why criminals love to steal Apple products, including the iPhone. That’s why you always have seen people, accomplices and gangs go to the Apple Stores and steal products. Even a small gang can steal an entire Apple Store’s display products, like when a French riot group came to steal every Apple product in the Apple Champs-Elysées store.

In conclusion, the case is still undergoing an investigation, including confiscated devices. Search warrants are still being conducted if these suspects stole more devices than they seized from them.

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