Apple Increased App Store Download Limit To 200 MB, Up From Previous 150 MB

This week, Apple increased the over-the-air App Store download limit for iPhone and iPad, from the previous 150 MB to 200 MB. The limit refers to the maximum size limit for downloading apps, games, and video podcasts on a cellular network.

This restriction can effectively prevent some iOS users from accidentally download a big app or games that are beyond their own carrier's usage allowance. However, note that even iPhone users with unlimited data plans are still prohibited from downloading apps and games over 200 MB. The restriction was last updated in September 2017, when it was updated from 100 MB to 150 MB.

Developers often strive to keep their apps just under the over-the-air download limit as they genuinely think that heading above that limit reduces the chance of purposeful purchasing.

Every now and then, one would dream the limitation would have been better put into place as an alert, notifying the user that a large file will now be downloaded, but also adding a ' Continue Download ' button to initiate the download.

Image Via Apple Support

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