Apple Released iOS 12.3.1 With Messages and VoLTE Bug Fixes

A week and a half ago, Apple released iOS 12.3. The biggest change in iOS 12.3 is the introduction of a new TV app, and the Channel feature, which allows you to subscribe to TV streaming service directly in the TV app. Today, Apple released the iOS 12.3.1 update. This update fixed various bugs and does not include any new features. You can download the update via Settings -> General -> Software Update.

iOS 12.3.1 includes bug fixes for your iPhone and iPad. This update:
- Fixes an issue that could prevent making or receiving VoLTE calls
- Fixes issues in Messages that could cause messages from unknown senders to appear in your conversation list even though Filter Unknown Senders is enabled
- Fixes an issue that could prevent the Report Junk link from appearing in Messages threads from unknown senders
Apple is currently beta testing iOS 12.3, which is expected to include Apple Card, a new credit card that's linked to Apple Pay that it allows you to pay purchases that can't be through Apple Pay. According to the company, Apple Card will be officially launched this summer, which we may see it in the future iOS 12.4 betas.

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