Apple Stopped Signing iOS 12.2, As It Could Be Jailbreakable

Apple released iOS 12.3 on May 13. which is nearly two weeks ago, and momentarily, they have stopped signing iOS 12.2, this implies that iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users who have updated to iOS 12.3 will not be able to downgrade to iOS 12.2.

The foremost highlight of iOS 12.3 is the addition of a new TV app for iOS and tvOS, and the support of AirPlay 2 for smart TVs is switched on. Following the new version of the iOS is released, Apple typically will close the signing channel for the old ones and prompt users to update to the latest system as soon as possible.

By stop signing certain iOS version, Apple is ensuring users to have the latest security experience and prevent them from jailbreaking their devices, cases are that iOS 12.2 underwent from one possibility that could lead to a future jailbreak, as hacker Pwn20wnd advises users to "Save blobs for iOS 12.2 and do not upgrade if you are interested in a jailbreak."

Notwithstanding that jailbreak has become less common and that the purchases of Cydia were already disabled, plural jailbreakers still have desire on it, we also saw that videos of jailbreak news and update proceeded to pop up on YouTube every day.

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