ECG App and Irregular Rhythm Notifications Is Now Cleared In Canada

Photo via Apple
Canadian health agency "Health Canada” has already cleared the ECG and irregular heart rhythm features for Apple Watch. This means that Apple will be releasing these features to Canada as soon as possible in the coming weeks.

First, according to Health Canada, they say that the Apple Watch Series 4 will be classified as a Class II medical device, as it’s a “low to medium risk” category device. We all know that Apple expanded ECG and irregular heart rhythm alerts to 5 European countries alongside Hong Kong. Then it expanded to 5 more countries in Europe this past week. This means that ECG and irregular heart rhythm monitoring should come out in a while.

Next, there’s no specific evidence from Apple that they provided about when these features are going to be released to Canadian consumers. MacRumors suggested that the watchOS 5.3 update will come with this feature later this month or on WWDC. This watchOS version is currently in its beta testing stage.

Overall, we’re glad to have Apple offer the ECG feature to everyone around the world, including Canada. The ECG app saves many lives and detects heart diseases and disorders before they worsen into their later stages. We’re excited for the Canadian Apple Watch wearers to get this highly anticipated feature for their watches.

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