Latest watchOS 5.2.1 Version Has New Pride Watch Faces

Photo via Macrumors
Recently, the new watchOS 5.2.1 update introduced 2 Pride Watch faces a few weeks before WWDC. These faces are meant to match their rainbow woven nylon bands that are released every June. Here’s what we know about these new faces.

To begin with, there are 2 new additions to the Pride Apple Watch face, which is Pride Analog and Pride Digital. These new faces have the same 6 colors as the 2018 version, but it is filled in with the whole screen and doesn’t have a black background. The Pride Analog version has a circle, along with clock hands and an ability to add up to 4 complications. Contrary to the point, there’s also a squared version of the Analog face in a full-screen version.

In addition, the new watch faces are animated the same way as the 2018 faces. They wiggle every time you tap on your watch or raise your wrist. On the other hand, Analog faces change the colors of the rainbow face on every wrist raise.

In conclusion, Apple releases new watch bands to honor the LGBTQ community every WWDC in early June, since 2017. The Pride face was originally released in June last year, although some people have found the leak by messing around with their iPhone’s date and time settings in late May 2018. The face closely matched with the Watch band and this new face is even better than last year’s.

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