Upcoming macOS 10.15's New Music App Will Retain Several iTunes Features

Reports have suggested that the next generation of macOS, macOS 10.15, will include a new standalone Music app. As stated in the report at the time, the app will be developed using Marzipan, the Apple project to make iOS apps compatible and accessible on Mac. However, sources familiar with the development of the OS says that the app will be an AppKit software, based off of iTunes, according to 9to5Mac.

So what exactly does this signify?

Well, it symbolizes that the new Music app will include several advanced iTunes features such as Smart Playlists, advanced music library management, syncing with iPod and iOS devices, and even disc reading and burning. Apple is reportedly planning to separate iTunes into individual apps, such as TV, Podcasts, Music, etc.

Following the release of the new Music app, Apple may proceed to offer iTunes, enabling users to use some old-fashioned features, and likewise to support Windows systems, as the Marzipan-based app won't run on them.

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