Twelve South releases BookBook Vol. 2 for iPad Pro 2018 models

Image via Twelve South 
Twelve South recently released a revised version of the BookBook for the iPad Pro. This new case is named the BookBook Volume 2, for the 2018 year iPad Pro 11 and 12.9-inch models. Here’s what these cases have to offer for your new iPad.

To start it off, the new BookBook iPad Pro case for the 11 and 12.9-inch models consists of a handmade design that is like a classical book. It holds your iPad in the case in its shell and disguises it as a book.

Not only the case protects and it disguises your new iPad, but there are more features than these two key features. Just like their MacBook Pro counterparts, there’s a pocket to hold your work papers, documents and any other flat items you want to store them. The hinges of the iPad case double as a stand for typing and drawing, alongside with a holder for your Apple Pencil. In other words, the camera cutout on the back has been introduced in the iPad version of BookBook for the first time.

Finally, the case has 2 zippers to allow space for peripheral devices and a USB-C charging cable to connect while the iPad folio is closed. Even a slim Bluetooth keyboard or a large, slim power bank can fit in the document holder of this iPad case, making it a great place to organize iPad Pro accessories.

Thusly, this iPad Pro case remains the most popular leather iPad folios amongst Pad&Quill, Apple and many more companies. Twelve South has revised the iPad bookcase with the simplified functionality and organization that an iPad Pro user needs.

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