ARM Lead Architect Mike Filippo Joins Apple

According to LinkedIn, Apple has hired Mike Filippo, head architect of ARM. Filippo supervised the development of Cortex A57/A72/A76 three-generation CPU and the head architect for the Hercules (3rd generation A76), Ares and Zeus CPUs that have been engineered and developed.

ARM released the new Cortex A76 CPU and Mali-G76 GPU design officially on June 1, 2018. With Filippo said the performance of the Cortex A76 is the same as the i5-7300 Intel. If the cache design of the manufacturer is exceptional, it is even possible to compare the output with the i7.

In contrast to the 10 nm A75 core of the past generation, the new A76 architecture has boosted performance by 35%, power saving efficiency by 40%, and machine learning capacity by up to 4 times. ARM also said you can get twice the performance of the present version of the CPU if you embrace the latest  CPU architecture in your laptop.

On the GPU core, the G76 has accelerated performance and power efficiency by 30% compared to the past generation of the Mali G72 GPU core, while enhancing machine learning by 2.7 times and mobile platform gaming performance by 50%.

Prior to ARM, Filippo was also Intel's leading CPU and system architect between 2004 and 2009, and between 1996 and 2004 he was a chip designer at AMD. With the hire, Apple is likely to replace Intel's processors with ARM's one, rumors have suggested that the company would consider the alternative as soon as next year.

Image Via MacGeneration

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