How To Turn Any Picture Into A Notch-Hiding Wallpaper

If you've moved from your older iPhone to the latest iPhone X and XS series, you're probably already having peace with "Notch," but some might still find it somewhat uncomfortable to get along with how ugly it looks If this is the case, there is a Shortcuts for you that that will deal with the problem at least on your home screen and the lock screen.

Thanks to Reddit user Joe_Soap's Shortcuts, which allows you to create notch-hiding wallpaper on your devices with any photo. To use the Shortcuts, verify that the Shortcuts app is already being installed, then click the link to open the app, and grant access to the Photos app, and from there tap "Get Shortcut," and add it to the "Library" tab in the app.

Tap it from your "Library" list after downloading the No Notch Wallpaper Shortcuts, where the Photo Picker screen of the Photos app will show up. Choose and tap any photo you want to convert to a wallpaper that is notch-hiding. Tap on "Done", hence tap "OK" to save the wallpaper on your iPhones.

To set the notch-hiding wallpaper, all you need to do is open the Settings app, tap "Wallpaper," select "Choose a New Wallpaper, tap "Set" and select "Set Both," and ensure that "Still" is selected. 

Even though there are apps that offer notch-hiding wallpaper, most of them are freemium apps that will compress the wallpaper & slap on a watermark. With this Shortcuts, however, you can do all this with no additional cost.

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