How To Install iPadOS 13 Public Beta On iPad

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iPadOS 13 public beta 1 has been recently released Monday morning. We are so excited for this next chapter in the iPad’s software, which has lots of significant changes apart from the previous iOS versions. But in this article, we will show you how to install the beta profile for iPadOS 13, without paying $99 for a developer membership and installing a complicated IPSW.

iPadOS 13 is the same as iOS 13, but it is dedicated to the iPads from the recent Apple Pencil-compatible iPads to the 2014 iPads.  This makes your iPad feel like a real computer, with server transferring in the Files app, peripheral devices support, Sidecar and much more. To install iPadOS 13 public beta, you’ll need your iPad, a stable WiFi connection and 10-30 minutes of your time. Optionally, you might need a Lightning cable or a USB-C cable, a power adapter and your MacBook if you need to do an iTunes backup or charge your iPad.

Now let’s get to the official Apple Beta Program website first. On your iPad, open Safari and go to On the homepage, tap on Sign Up if you never installed an iOS public beta previously or tap on Sign In if you did before. Enter your Apple ID login credentials and tap on the iPadOS tab on the Apple Beta Installation Guide.

Next, scroll down to the “Getting Started” section of the iPadOS webpage then tap on “Enroll your iPad”. On the iPadOS installation directions page, you’ll get instructions for installing the beta profile and a link to install it. Grab your Lightning cable or your USB-C cable if your iPad is below 50%, as it needs to be above that number to install iPadOS. You’ll also need to grab your MacBook and open up iTunes or Finder if you don’t want to do an iCloud backup and prefer a backup via iTunes. Back up your iPad, because it is beneficial when in cases you need to go back to iOS 12!

Here’s the fun part of installing the iPadOS 13 public beta: Installing the profile and updating your iPad! While on the same webpage for enrolling your iPad to the iPadOS beta, scroll to step #2 and tap on the “Download Profile” button. If you can’t install the beta profile from the button, then enter the following link to Safari: Head over to Settings, get to the profiles section and follow the onscreen instructions to install the iPadOS beta profile.

Finally, it’s installation time! While staying on Settings, go back to General, then tap on Software Update. You’ll get a pop-up to install the iPadOS public beta 1 profile on your iPad. Tap Download and Install, accept the terms and conditions and wind down for 10-30 minutes for the beta to install on your iPad!

All in all, the iPadOS beta will be installed on your iPad already and you can now enjoy the latest features of iPadOS 13! It wasn’t hard to install the iPadOS beta profile, right? Well, deserve

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