iOS 12 Jailbreak: Hacker Demonstrates Cydia Running On iOS 12.4 Beta

iOS 12.4 is in the beta testing phase, although it will not be released real soon, new progress has made on the iOS 12 jailbreak: developer iBSparkes on Twitter demonstrated that iPhone SE that's running on iOS 12.4 beta, and he has successfully jailbroken the device with the Cydia being installed in place.

In the past, iBSparkes issued the iOS 10 Meridian jailbreak tool. It also offered several contributions to jailbreak on iOS 11 and iOS 12. The hacker has previously released vulnerability "machswap" that can make the success rate and pace of the jailbreak mechanism more sustainable than the former one.

Momentarily, iBSparkes proves that iOS 12.4 beta has been successfully jailbroken, can execute Cydia normally, and also notes "apfs" "0day" "apfs" "security" "feature", which seems to indicate that he has found iOS 12.4's 0day vulnerability, as he apparently solved the apfs problem. Hence, there is a substantial likelihood of jailbreak, and the developer may release it to public users in the future.

iBSparkes has not yet announced that iOS 12.1.3 ~ iOS 12.4 jailbreak, but he did release a screenshot that indicates iOS 13.0 beta is also jailbreakable. Well, at least we comprehend that Apple attempts to make iOS 13 more secure doesn't mean that it's unjailbreakable.

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