iOS 13 Introduces Several New Features To The HomePods

iOS 13 is packed with features, including highly-anticipated Dark Mode, another major performance enhancements, next-level Photos, Maps, and Reminders apps, a powerful Siri coupled with Shortcuts, and so on. Now, it appears that iOS 13 also added loads of new functionalities to the HomePod, that includes the ability to learn the voices of family members, so everyone has a personalized experience, as well a new setup process.

First found by 9to5mac's Guilherme Rambo, after updating to iOS 13, there will be a new pairing mode that will require you to scan the LED pattern at the top of your HomePod using iOS devices instead of entering traditional audio passcode, which can be irritating as it needs to be near enough to the device to scan it with your camera.

The upcoming HomePod update also delivers Handoff support. You can press and hold your iPhone to the top of the HomePod to effortlessly switch to HomePod playback if you go into a room with music playing on your iPhone, certainly, you can also Handoff podcasts, and phone calls to HomePod as well.

Aside from that, you can also be integrating HomePod into automation in the Home app and Shortcuts. For example, play your workout music when you hit in your home gym. 

Anyhow, we should Apple to kick off iOS 13 public beta testing problem in July and release the update to the general public in September alongside the launch of 2019 iPhones and Apple Watch Series 5.

Image Via MacStories

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