iOS 13 Now Warns If Liquid Has Been Detected In The Lighting Cable

The Lightning port has been standard on most iOS devices since the birth of the iPhone 5 in 2012, but many people on social media have said the Lightning cable isn't quite durable, and sometimes it doesn't work even if the cable isn't harmed. In reality, the cable does not work correctly most times because it is damaged, but rather the Lightning wire contacts are oxidized in humid surroundings, the "black matter" produced after oxidation adheres to the contacts, resulting in Lightning cable fails to work properly

Since the charging cable of the iPhone does not support "liquid detection," we can only be extremely cautious before using as there's no other solution is available. In iOS 13 Beta 2, however, Apple lastly introduced to the iPhone the feature of detect liquid It will prompt you "Charging Not Available" and turn off the device if the liquid is being detected in the charging cable while charging to avoid the user from damaging the cord.

Only iPhone XS series and iPhone XR currently support this feature, according to the real measurement of social media users. It is not supported by iPhone X, so it's unclear if this feature is only accessible for some newer models. Of course, you shouldn't try this at home, it might end up ruin your devices.

Via Sina User Sunbelife

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