Kuo: New Screen Sizes And 5G Connectivity Coming To iPhones Next Year

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo today published the latest research forecast report on Apple's 5G strategy and new screen sizes that's coming iPhone models in 2020.

To begin with, Kuo says that Apple has previously chosen to reconcile with Qualcomm, indicating that Intel's 5G chip development has failed, and the 2020 iPhones will support 5G. Therefore, he predicted that the 5G iPhone would account for roughly 60 percent of the 2020 iPhone's total shipments. However, the analyst adheres to the fact that Apple will introduce its own 5G chip in 2022 or 2023 until then the Cupertino firm will use Qualcomm's 5G chip.

Next, Kuo predicts that the 2020 iPhone lineup will include three models, two of which are 6.7-inch and 5.4-inch OLED iPhones (the present iPhone XS screen sizes are 6.4 inches and 5.8 inches respectively). Meanwhile, the low-end model will be a 6.1-inch iPhone with OLED display, but only high-end models will support 5G networks.

For this year's iPhones, Kuo thinks Apple will still launch three models, the size will be compatible with the 2018 models, namely 6.5, 5.8-inch OLED models and 6.1-inch LCD models. This year's iPhone will continue to use Intel's cellular chips, and these phones will lastly move to Qualcomm's beginning next year.

Image Via Wccftech

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