Reminders App on iCloud Website Is Under Renovation

Photo via Appleosophy 
Two weeks ago, we saw the new Reminders app on macOS Catalina and iOS 13 at WWDC. They borrowed the design concepts from the Siri Shortcuts app, adding machine learning and major changes to the app. But in the iCloud website, it is now remodeling to a similar design to their iOS and macOS counterparts.

When you go to the website on your computer and open Reminders, a message pops up saying, “Coming Soon: A new and improved Reminders on iCloud is coming soon.” This means iCloud is undergoing a makeover and shaping itself to have the same design and traits as the macOS Catalina Reminders app.

In essence, this change will allow the Reminders app to blend into the design of the iOS 13 version of this app, alongside the features. Although this will block off users from accessing their iCloud reminders on the website, they can still use the app on their iPhone or on their Mac.

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