Report Finds Out That 94% of iPhone Users Use Apple Pay In Poland

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We all see that Apple Pay has been used in several countries worldwide outside the United States, day by day. We use Apple Pay to buy groceries, get a subway ticket and sending money to your friends and family without carrying your cards all of the time. Albeit these details, we’ll explore how many people in Poland used Apple Pay since June 19th, 2018 of its initial release.

Image via Maks Motyka (@HotApplesWanted)
A study released by Polish-based Apple News site, @HotApplesWanted gives us a perspective on how users use Apple Pay in Poland. They ran a poll amongst Polish iPhone users on 21 May to 12 June 2019 and they shared the results in the report.

The data consists of over 94% of iPhone users using Apple Pay at least once, 90% claiming the feature is secure and fast and 75% of iPhone users omitting the wallet and using Apple Pay every day. 64% of users used Apple Pay since its introduction to Poland last summer and 82% had compatible cards for Apple Pay. 56% of users paid with Apple Pay online and in apps. On the other hand, over 88% of users don’t use the credit card anymore and paid with Apple Pay online.

Furthermore, over 76% of iPhone users don’t have any issues regarding Apple Pay and 85% of users would recommend Apple Pay to a family or a friend. That’s lots of positive feedback from these valued iPhone users in Poland, which means that they’re all satisfied with Apple Pay in their country.

In conclusion, we’re glad that Apple Pay is expanding to more and more countries, every year. Every iPhone user needs a little something to make their life easier and better. That’s why Apple Pay is always a great thing to have on our iPhones, without bringing a bulky wallet every day. You can view @HotApplesWanted’s Apple Pay research paper here.

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