Apple Shortens Apple Music Free Trial

Image via Apple 
Apple is shortening the free trial length of Apple Music subscriptions. The free trial will only last for a month instead of three months, regardless of the type of Apple Music subscription you have. This change was found on the accessory webpage in the Apple Online Store.

The banner on the webpage has a new banner with the slogan “Millions of songs. One month on us.” This may draw up that Apple needed a change in order to push up sales of subscription services or it may be an error that they made in the website. The reason why this was opposed to an error is when you tap on the banner, it takes you to a three-month trial in iTunes. Plus, Apple’s webpage for Apple Music has no mention about this change of the free trial length.

Apple provided the Apple Music 3-month free trial since its initial release in summer 2015 in the iOS 8.4 update. But in terms of the free trial of the music subscription service, the company has to pay royalties on the songs being played in the free trials. Although it only shows the 1-month free trial on the accessories webpage, the changes to the subscription service are unknown.

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