At $4.17 Billion, Apple Park Is One Of The World's Most Valuable Corporate Headquarters

According to Santa Clara County, Apple Park, Apple's headquarters, has been recognized as one of the world's most valuable corporate headquarters, valued at approximately $4.17 billion, including land, furniture, electronics and other items. The county said in its fiscal year assessment as of June that the value of the complex was $3.5 billion for the purpose of collecting property taxes. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the company has to pay about $40 million a year, but it can choose to appeal and seek lower rates.

The $4.17 billion valuation is certainly comparable to the $3.8 billion World Trade Center project in New York City, but far less than the cost of the world's three most expensive buildings - $15 billion in Mecca Royal Clock Tower, $100 billion in Mecca Mosque, and the $25 billion in French International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor Project

Furthermore, Apple was the county's largest real estate taxpayer in the 2017-2018 fiscal year, with an overall expenditure of $56 million. The company has properties scattered around the area, including its pre-reform headquarters 1 Infinite Loop.

Apple Park's highly customized architecture was conceived by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, the design was overseen by Apple's former chief designer Jonathan Ivey and construction firm Foster and Partners.

The complex relies mainly on renewable energy such as solar energy and uses the world's largest curved glass. The use of glass extends throughout the interior. To prevent frequent earthquakes in California, the Spacecraft used as many as 692 devices to isolate the building's body from the ground.

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