Chicago Man Credits Apple Watch For Saving Him While Drowning

Photo via Apple 
The Apple Watch helps us from saving lives, from fall detection to Emergency SOS. These features help you contact emergency services, even when your iPhone is out of reach. But, a man named Phillip Esho from Chicago thanked his Apple Watch from saving him when he drowned during jet skiing.

WBMM reports that Esho was on his jet ski and taking pictures of Lake Michigan with his iPhone. All of a sudden, a ginormous wave came up and swept his jet ski, his iPhone and himself into the lake. His iPhone has sunken down and Esho can’t call emergency services. He tried to yell and call for help, but people in the nearby boats can’t hear him. He was wearing a flotation device and the waves kept stammering him, making him drown even more.

On an instant, he still has his Apple Watch strapped into his wrist. He used the Emergency SOS feature to call 911, but the 1st call got cut off due to the connection. He called the second time, though the rescue helicopter, police and fire boats came up to help him already.

Finally, he was rescued by emergency personnel. Esho said that he is unsure what’s going to happen if he didn’t have his Apple Watch on. If he did not call 911, then he would’ve been stranded and lost. He could also die if he was drowning in the lake for a prolonged period of time.

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