Eddy Cue Interviews with GQ about Apple TV+ Service

Eddy Cue, Apple’s SVP of Software and Services and UK magazine GQ sat in for an interview about Apple’s upcoming subscription services, which includes Apple TV+ and updates to Apple Music. Cue wants to differentiate the streaming service for offering the best and exclusive shows in Apple TV+. He also talked with GQ about music lyrics in iOS 13.

He told GQ that none of the Apple executives have an interest in scriptwriting and the company only worked with the best directors to create stunning, exclusive shows for Apple TV+. He said, "Like, we took the Houston control panel. We were able to get a lot of the original stuff. We didn't create fake ones," This is significant because, in order to create shows that focus mainly on detail, they have to use their own ideas to make it even more exclusive.

Cue continues on the interview by talking about the executives’ lack of interest in scriptwriting. He explains the fact that he and Tim Cook were jotting down notes and had no input on Apple TV+:
"I saw the comments that myself and Tim were writing notes on the scripts and whatever," says Cue. "There's never been one-note passed from us on scripts, that I can assure you. We leave the folks [alone] who know they're doing."

"I can assure you that was 100 percent false. He didn't say, 'Don't be so mean.' He didn't say anything about a script."
This implies that the executive team at Apple has absolutely no idea what a script is and they have no interest in it. On the other hand, Tim Cook thought the notes were related to scripts, but Cue denied it as it’s only about the Apple TV+ subscription service.

Continuing to the other aspects of Apple TV+ exclusive content, Eddy Cue adds in the details of making shows appropriate for various age groups. He shows an example of a show that is more suitable for adults, not children:
"The Reese Witherspoon-Jennifer Aniston show [The Morning Show is a workplace drama set behind the scenes of breakfast TV]. It's a show about women in the workplace and some of the issues that happen to them are definitely not appropriate for you to watch with an eight-year-old."
It’s true that Cue is describing the elements that a show may be inappropriate to certain people. He may be inferring the character’s actions as violent, offensive and aggressive, which comes up to the point that it is not inappropriate for children. That’s why you should recommend family-friendly shows if you’re watching TV with your kids.

Lastly, Eddy Cue moves on to discussing lyric syncing in iOS 13. He said that,
"It just takes an inordinate amount of money to try to do this and to try to figure out how to do this the right way," says Cue. And while Apple is naturally starting with the most popular tracks, Cue says it doesn't intend to stop there. The plan is to add synced-up lyrics to every song in the Apple Music library.

"I honestly don't know the exact number of people who are working on it. In our ideal world it would be zero because we'd get them all from the labels. But we discovered that it wasn't going to work. In general it takes hundreds of people to do.
He is a bit unsure about the Cupertino company not having an Apple Music team specific to this feature, as iOS 13 is still in the beta stages in the summer. He also said that if they had a team dedicated to lyrics in Apple Music, they would need lots of music fans to join the company. But it is going to take time for lyrics to go on every single song in the Apple Music database.

In conclusion, this is all of what Eddy said regarding Apple Music lyrics and the Apple TV+ shows. He said that Apple is curating TV shows and movies for everyone and they’ll be expanding their Apple Music team for lyrics soon. Apple TV+ will be publicly launching this fall with exclusive shows.

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