iOS 12.4's New iPhone Data Migration Feature Explained

Apple updated data migration options for iPhone users through the iOS 12.4 update released yesterday, which makes it easier for users to complete data migration when purchasing a new iPhone, this newly-added option will allow you to migrate data without download the iCloud backup.

If you just bought an iPhone, you only need to turn it on and put it with your existing iPhone. The old iPhone will automatically pop up the "Set New iPhone" window. After clicking the "Continue" button, a dynamic QR code will appear on the new iPhone, and then it will you tell to hold the new iPhone to the camera on the old iPhone.

The new iPhone will then prompt you to enter the passcode for the old iPhone, which will also be used as the password for your new iPhone. next, enter your Touch ID or Face ID for the new iPhone. Following that, a data migration UI will appear on the new iPhone, you will see a new option "Transfer from iPhone". Previously, you can only choose to migrate data by download from iCloud backup.

It's worth to note that the new iPhone migration feature also allows users to transfer data over cables, however, a Lightning-to-USB 3 Camera Adapter and a Lightning-to-USB cable are required. Both wired connection method and Transfer from iPhone method can be done without internet access.

Once you are ready, you can migrate your data. The amount of data already in the old iPhone will determine the time required for the migration process. Once the migration is complete, the new iPhone will also download and install the apps already on the old iPhone through the App Store, but everything is done automatically.

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