Mac Sound Not Working? Here Is How To Troubleshooting It

It's certainly an annoying problem to have if your Mac sound is not working, sometimes it can be solved by simply restarting the computer, but what if there are ways to troubleshooting it even faster than waiting for a few minutes when the Mac finally boot up, that's why we are providing two simple tips in case it ever happens to you.

One solution is to open the Activity Monitor, or Spotlight search for "Activity Monitor" if you can't find it, locate the "coreaudiod" process, then click on X in the tool bar to quit the process, "Coreaudiod" will then restart and the Mac sound should be restored.

Another workaround is to open the Terminal, paste the following command, then hit enter.
Sudo killall coreaudiod
macOS will let you enter the password. Note that there is no asterisk * when entering the password in the Mac Terminal, don't think it crashed. After input your login password, press Enter.

Now, it could also be an app problem or hardware issues if the sound on your Mac is not working, so just double-check them as well. For further questions, comment down below!

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