Want Free AirPods Today? Place an Order $50 or More On 7NOW On Your iPhone

7-Eleven is giving away 500 AirPods starting today. They’ll be giving away the AirPods to customers who order $50 or more items in their 7NOW delivery order. Prepare to order lots of Slurpees, food, iPhone accessories and other cool stuff for this morning.

The company says that they’ll be notifying customers on the 7NOW app today with the words “FLASH DEAL TIME”. When your iPhone vibrates with this notification, please click the order button, because these 500 AirPods tend to sell out in a split second! If you are getting the AirPods, 7-Eleven will email you with a claimant form to get your AirPods within 3 days. The company will ship the earbuds within 6 weeks to the recipients.

Therefore, if you want free AirPods right now, download 7NOW on your iPhone and prepare your order with food, iPhone cases, sandwiches and other stuff here https://apps.apple.com/us/app/7now-food-alcohol-delivery/id131624421. The free AirPods offer ends once the 500 products sell out or when it strikes midnight tomorrow, so press order when the notification comes out!

Disclaimer: Apple is not affiliated with 7-Eleven regarding about this campaign.

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