Apple Expands Bug Bounty Program To All Security Researchers

Image via Apple 
Apple pays a massive bounty for $1 million in the discovery of many bugs of Apple products. They had expanded their bug program for hackers to get paid for finding bugs in iOS, iPadOS, macOS and many other Apple software platforms.

The Cupertino company told hackers at Las Vegas’ Black Hat conference that they are allowed to submit bugs in macOS, tvOS, watchOS and iCloud. They also opened up the bug bounty program to all security researchers and hackers, which was formerly invite-only.

Apple is paying a million dollars if you find a zero-click or a full-chain execution attack. The company is paying $500 grand to someone who finds a bug in network attacks requiring no user interaction. Other vulnerabilities discovered in Apple software betas give out a 50% reward. On the other hand,

Overall, Apple also talked about giving jailbroken iPhones to security researchers in the Black Hat conference, which means that it gives them the opportunity to find bugs in the iOS software. The bug program gives hackers and security researchers a chance to get paid for finding many bugs in iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, iCloud and iPadOS before their official release this fall. Even the money used to reward these researchers can also be sold to other companies in higher values, such as the $3 million reward from Crowdfense in the discovery of a zero-day exploit on iOS, macOS, Windows and Android. These bug submissions will help Apple software become more secure than ever.

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