Apple Said To Open An Online Store In India In The Coming Months

According to Bloomberg's report, Apple aims to set up an online store in India in the coming months. As a result of India's foreign company investment rules and regulations, the iPhone maker has not been able to sell products directly in India.

However, on Wednesday, India relaxed its previous rules, which forced foreign companies to transfer 30% of their production to the local area, and that has long prevented Apple from opening retail stores and selling its products directly to Indian consumers. Apple has to rely on third-party retailers.

Now that the rules have changed, it's very likely that Apple will open an Apple Store in India, and reports already suggested that a new store in Mumbai is under development and may open next year.

Even before the laws changed, Apple decided to work with the Indian Government to get approval to open a shop in India. In recent years, Apple has begun manufacturing low-cost iPhone models in India to satisfy local investment requirements.

Without a debut, India is a significant market for Apple, considering that the South Asian republic has about 17 percent of the world's population. These structural changes may make Apple devices cheaper in India and boost market share.

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